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Universe Prime, where all of our super stories exist.

Take a look at all the series and characters.


Harrier follows Detective Olivia Jones of the Maria City Police Department. She is a well know detective of the department and takes her job very seriously. She believes in following the law, even when sometimes it works against her.

After a horrible fight with a enhanced criminal, Detective Olivia Jones is able to get her hands on a experimental battle suit by joining "Project Harrier", a classified U.S. Government program. With this suit she is able to do more than she's ever imagined for her city, and go after those who prey upon it.

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Alex was a normal girl having a normal childhood until a unexpected disease activated within her and changed her. This disease, also known as the evolved virus had activated, giving her control over ice, but it didn't come without its share of problems. Now she must find a way to live with disease and the people around her.

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Nia Evans, other known as Beats, protector of downtown Saint Louis. Beats is a mute superhero who protects the streets with the power to manipulate sound. 

Beats has to navigate her way through many new challenges as a rising crime syndicate tries to rise to power on the streets.

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New Group

New Group coming in Late 2024. Want a sneak peek at them? Look for them in Beats #2 coming in summer 2024.

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